Recycled crafts

Turn your hand wash bottle into a home décor piece 

ideaworkz (8 of 25)  ideaworkz (7 of 25) 

Wool or yarn is a wonderful material that your kid can use to make different fun crafts. Encouraging your kids to use their imagination and creativity is important. It gives them a hobby that they can take up and gives them skills that they can use even when they are older.

If you are a parent who organizes craft projects for your kids, you should definitely introduce wool as a material to create awesome stuff at home!

This piece of art is made using the hand wash bottle wrapped with red woolen yarn and glue and made little green satin ribbon roses to make it even more beautiful.

cool storage basket

ideaworkz (10 of 25)this basket is made using empty milk bottles 🙂

Laban up bottle remake 😜


 Drinking water bottles weaved into baskets 




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