This is a common phenomenon,everyday trying to be the best way others like ,we miss the real ŵé


Wall decor

Canvas art made using spray paint ,glue ,home made stencil and paintbrush
Using color paper cutouts and bamboo skewers we can easily make this wall hanging decor

 Paper flowers are kept in recycled bottle vase decorated with clay

Dress out of cutpiece

You can make cute customised dresses for your little cuties within few minutes ,all u need is little cloth ,a scissor,needle and thread or sewing machine, a zipper  ,time,idea and finally interest

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Teeth whitener


yellow ..yellow ..dirty teeth and hai hellooo beauty teeth 

There is an amazing tip for whitening your teeth which is easy as well

Mix one tea spoon of baking soda and one tea spoon of lemon juice In a bowl ,use a q-tip(buds) to apply on teeth and leave it for two minutes and after that brush normally .see the difference on mirror 😊

Have a happy n healthy smile

Good day ppl

Clay veggie basket

    I made this veg basket using terracotta clay and painted with acrylic pearl and shaped the colorful china clay like vegetables,this will really catch anyones eyes and a good idea to teach your children about these healthy vegetables.😊